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Sanyang Textile Co.,Ltd.

San Yang Textile Co., Ltd.

Add: NO.106, Liqi Rd. Lijin County, Dongying City, Shandong Provice, China    
URL: m.bankjobsearch.com


Entity management, brand management, capital management is the healthy development of the company.

Development period, the difference between the traditional operation of thinking, faster than perfect (2003-2007)

2003 is the textile industry to decline from the peak period, in the face of tens of thousands of textile enterprises on the production capacity of one million tons, the company identified a three dimensional high-end, export-oriented strategic positioning. The company breaks the traditional mode of "building the factory in the market", using the different thinking, not taking the unusual road, and puts forward the concept of "construction and operation synchronization and virtual management". In 2003 the company was founded in May June, the import and export rights; in August the establishment of the Qingdao import and export company, started the operation of international trade; November registered in Hongkong subsidiary; December registered the "Three Yang" trademark. In 2006, the company entered the top fifty of China's cotton industry, in 2008 ranked among the top twenty Chinese cotton industry.

The company gradually explore and improve the "1+1+2" business model, that is, to adhere to the high-end positioning of 100%, to ensure the efficient operation of investment capacity of 100%, the construction of its own capacity equivalent to the size of the market network of 200%. In 2007, the company combed cotton yarn won the "China famous brand", when China's cotton industry is only 16. Founded just 4 years, the company is one of them, its own brand image to upgrade, greatly enhance the competitiveness of the company's brand, so far, the official brand building.

Enhance brand competitiveness with investment

In the national macroeconomic policy and industrial adjustment strategy under the guidance of the company always adhere to the "export-oriented high-end" play, leveraging the advantages in the new project, and selection of equipment, and strengthen the company in Germany and other multinational cooperation, leveraging top international textile machinery manufacturers brand advantages, enhance the company's high-end market at home and abroad and the influence of the well-known degree.

To create the first brand of Chinese professional twist

Study on the domestic and foreign stock market company line, found that professional single twisting is a relative vacuum market, therefore, the company once introduced Sura twister 200, later increased to 100, the formation of the world's largest professional monomer twisted production line. Sanyang company 300 times Sura twist project caused widespread concern in the domestic and European high-end customers. Differences in production capacity and brand awareness of the rapid increase in the scale, to create a professional twist of the first brand in china.

Compact spinning upgrade

Compact spinning is the innovation of spinning technology and the trend of industry development. 2007, the country has only 700 thousand spindles compact spinning, at that time is not optimistic about the economic situation, the three decided to invest in a compact spinning transformation. By 2010, 250 thousand spindle compact spinning capacity has become the most important core profit.

The introduction of the whole process line

In 2007, the company invested 320 million of the introduction of the whole process of the production line, the production line of more than 80 products in more than 200 thousand. The efficiency of equipment of this project is 30% higher than that of domestic equipment, the whole process of imported production line million spindles investment costs only 16 million yuan, saving 20% energy equipment spindles, high positioning yarn products spindles for cotton consumption than ordinary products decreased by 60%.


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